About Ilan Dinur RMT

I have graduated from Westcoast College of Massage Therapy in 1995 in Vancouver.

Over the years, I have taken an array of specialized courses complimenting my practice with specialized techniques. With my practice, I incorporate firm pressure, such as deep tissue massages, sports massage therapy, and trigger point therapy. Others focus on subtle systems such as craniosacral therapy, fascial release, and full-body facilitation.

I am actively interested in learning new ways to improve health, such as dietary modification, nutritional supplements, and exercise routines. I also enjoy hearing about less conventional ideas and treatments that expand our current views of how the body works. I employ the energy and intuitive insights to structure a more holistic treatment that addresses the body's many facets.

I encourage you, the patient, to inform me of what you have found helpful in the past and which goals are most important to you.

My massage therapy service durations and benefits include the following:

  • 45min treatment ~ Provides enough time to focus on the specific area and ensure that the treatment is properly integrated with the surrounding tissue.

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  • 60min treatment ~ The standard length of treatment covered by medical insurance. It is sufficient to address multiple areas of concern, including the front and back of the body.

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  • 75min treatment ~ Many people find this extra time is beneficial for the body to fully relax and release tension. Areas of the body that are usually overlooked can be addressed and other parts can to be revisited.

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  • 90min treatment ~ This service is ideal for clients with a rigid physique who may need more time and different techniques to achieve relaxation. It can also be a unique way to treat yourself to an extended period of resting and letting go.